MARIJUANA: Should we BLAZE it or BANISH it?



Marijuana is a hot button issue that many people have asked my opinion on in both real life and on my social media accounts so I finally decided to address it. Hopefully I did so with some level of sensibility.

I don't take a hard stance one way or the other and find intelligent arguments on both sides. In this video I hit on what I think are good reasons and BAD reasons for legalization and just open up the conversation.

PLEASE NOTE: I am IN NO WAY promoting marijuana, encouraging its use by anyone, particularly under aged individuals. The views in this are MY OWN and in no way to be taken in any way, shape, or form as to be an endorsement for legalization or attempts to frustrate law enforcement. As I state in the video, my opinion doesn't necessarily mean anything and I am not giving any type of final determination about it here.

This is about being willing to be honest and open on a controversial topic. Anyway...see ya in the comments, share it if you find it valuable or interesting.


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    • Uploaded: 01/09/2017